What is LinkedIn and LinkedIn Group?


What is LinkedIn?

Common everyone knows what is Linkedin. It is a social networking site designed specifically for the business community. No, not just like Facebook. There are number of users out there who access their LinkedIn account as they access Facebook. Here we need to understand that LinkedIn is a professional network (do not post your party pictures here). It is one of the best social networking site to grow the professional connections.

What is a LinkedIn Group?

Again not like Facebook Groups. LinkedIn Groups is a platform for professionals to share the content related to Business, Jobs, Marketing Skill, or any other professional content, In LinkedIn Groups users can find answers for their queries, post and view jobs and grow business contacts, and can have discussions with industry experts.

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How Software Achieves a Better Reverse Mortgaging Process?

Mortgage technology

Almost 60-80% of US senior citizens try to get a reverse mortgage. Alongside financial security, it gives them a more comfortable lifestyle.

Reverse mortgage is a special kind of home loan by which older citizens can convert their home equity into cash. In lieu of the property, banks and financial institutions provide cash to borrowers until their deaths. The best part about Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) is that borrowers need to repay the loan amount only if the property is declared as the primary residence. However, the HECM benefits are lost for a borrower who fails to meet the mortgage obligations.

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